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About Becker Cabinet & Furniture

The mission of Becker Cabinet & Furniture is to work closely with each individual customer to help them realize their own dream for the perfect cabinets, or piece of furniture.  We will always strive to provide the highest quality product and the best customer service, and will respect every customer for their own unique desires.

At Becker Cabinet and Furniture, we are a 100% custom shop - just about anything and everything is possible!  Each project is design specifically to meet each customers needs.  You are not bound by modular sizes, or standard elements.  Our ability to customize allows us to offer more versatility and functionality.  The best part, is that we offer the customization along with superior quality in the same price range as pre-manufactured modular cabinets of lesser quality, that reduce functionality by forcing the customer to fit within a standardized box.

We understand that the use of space is a high priority.  Our ability to customize every cabinet to meet the customers unique desires, allows us to maximize the use of every space.  We specialize in turning your desires into reality. Read what our happy customers are saying.

We are committed to creating a product that will stand the test of time.  When you see the Becker name on cabinets, or a fine piece of furniture, you can be certain that it meets a high standard of quality and durability, and it will be around for generations to come.