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Sample of Cabinets

Arched Panel Rub Arched Panel Rub
Alder HCA-R Alder HCA-R
Arch Raised Hickory Arch Raised Hickory
Arch Flat Panel Arch Flat Panel
Arch Raised Double Slab Arch Raised Double Slab
Arch Raised Panel Arch Raised Panel


What does custom cabinets mean?

We personally design the cabinets to fit the needs of each customer.  Cabinets in any style for any room of your home; kitchen, bathroom, living room and basement.  We meet with each customer to determine the needs and develop a design to make a perfect fit.

Our cabinets are not assembly line made and do not arrive to your home in a box for the customer to install or pay someone else to install.  We build each cabinet to function for the customers unique needs.

Becker Cabinet and Furniture prides itself in the fact that we only use high quality materials,

This means a solid, durable cabinet that not only is beautiful on the outside but sturdy on the inside.  Because we also design and build quality furniture, many of the processes and construction methods for our cabinets are the same as that of our furniture.  Each cabinet is constructed and treated as if it were a stand-alone piece of furniture.

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